We are committed to create good products made from simple, natural ingredients that complement a balanced diet and are good for the planet.

To offer you the best of our products, McCain is committed to work on 4 main area, which are:


75% less saturated fats in McCain-branded products since 2011.

The way we make our products is simple: our potatoes (whose journey can be traced from field to fork) are peeled, washed, cut, pre-fried and frozen. For the pre-frying stage, McCain has completely abandoned the use of palm oil since 2011. The reasons for doing this are clear on both a nutritional and environmental level: high in saturated fats, palm oil increases blood cholesterol level and increases the risk of cardio- vascular disease. In addition, the production of palm oil contributes to mass, often uncontrolled deforestation. Sun- flower oil is a healthier alternative, and has made a large impact on the reduction of saturated fats in our products.


Since 2011, McCain has reduced the salt content of its products by 40% the equivalent of 400kg.

Increase in blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis; the harmful effects of salt are well-known. We significantly reduced the amount of salt in our products, reaching a level of 0.6g/100g on average for those products containing salt.


44% of McCain’s products fulfil the criteria of the Better For You certification label.

Almost half of our 170 products fulfil the criteria of the Better For You certification label. This entails having salt levels less than 0.5g/100g, and the rate of saturated fats below 1.5g/100g. Furthermore, McCain actively supports and applies the Nutri-Score front-of-pack labelling system. This system features a colour-coded label which indicates the overall nutritional value of the foodstuff in question on a scale from A to E. It provides consumers with easy-to-read and understandable information concerning the nutritional value of the product.


15% less packaging used.

In addition to reducing the amount of packaging, McCain has launched a research project in collaboration with various universities, institutions and Research & Development centres to develop packaging that is 100% environmentally friendly.